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Article: Best Furniture Brands For Your Home

Best Furniture Brands For Your Home

Best Furniture Brands For Your Home

Conventionally, furniture, as such, serves the function it was built for. As things evolved with time, so did the purpose of Furniture. Today, Home is where the Furniture is. It forms an indivisible bond with the personal space we try to create. There’s an essence of one’s personality that’s etched with the choice of furniture we pick. Without further ado, let’s get into the topic of discussion - The best furniture brands that can accentuate the personality and improve the functionality of your homes.   

Boca De Lobo

Boca De Lobo - The Art of Designing and Crafting exclusive pieces, is a Portuguese-based furniture company founded in 2005. Since its inception, the brand has remained committed to freshly interpreting age-old and ancient techniques of fine craftsmanship to create unique pieces of contemporary furniture design. They make use of traditional manufacturing techniques and combine them with the latest technological methods to create exquisite furniture. They had their breakthrough with the SOHO collection that was presented in the World’s leading design capital - London.


A leader in the furniture industry with over 130 years of history, Bernhardt is a furniture company from North Carolina, USA. A company that is passionately committed to its people, the local community and the World’s growing demand. The company was founded in 1889 by John Mathias Bernhardt and is now run by the 4th generation of the family. Their philosophy revolves around creating eclectic pieces with layering textures and contrasting elements. Bernhardt also has a distinct regard for the materials used for furniture manufacturing.

Godrej Interio

A premium furniture brand in India that deals with both home and institutional segments. The Parent company, Godrej Group, started furniture manufacturing in 1923. Godrej Interio, although was established in 2006 as a business unit of Godrej and Boyce. Its headquarters is in Mumbai and they have the largest in-house design team in the country. A key aspect of the company is its commitment to environmental sustainability. They ensure to manufacture their products with less carbon footprint. 


A Mumbai-based furniture company founded in 1985, has been at the forefront of the furniture industry, building beautiful spaces for your home and office. Durian, as a company, started in the veneer business. Today, they have grown to become a leading furniture company and lifestyle brand. They currently have 33 stores across India. 


A startup based in Hyderabad by Ms. Nisha Mangnani is a luxury brand for the elite of the elite. SCASA brings Italy’s best luxury furniture designs and caters to the Indian market. Brands like B&B Italia, Molteni&C and Armani Dada are in collaboration with SCASA to provide state-of-the-art furniture design pieces to Indian customers. 


A US-based furniture company that has over 100 years of experience in the furniture industry, leads the way in creating memorable experiences.  

They offer a wide range of products and services from aesthetic architectural pieces to technology-based products. The focus is to create lasting value for not just the customers but also the employees, communities and partners.  


A U.S based furniture company that had a humble start as a family-owned company in a small Wisconsin town during 1970 to being one of the best furniture brands that the country has to offer. Presently, Ashley has over 1000 retail stores with an Express Direct-To-Consumer delivery program that provides next-day or even same-day delivery. Ashley offers both in-store and online shopping experiences to better cater to the needs of today’s age. They also remain committed to reducing their carbon footprint at every level of manufacturing. 

Herman Miller

D.J.De.Pree, son-in-law of Herman Miller bought the company Michigan Star Furniture Company in 1923. De Pree, impressed by his father-in-law’s integrity, decided to change the name of the company to his name - Herman Miller. 

By the mid-20th century, Herman Miller became synonymous with modern furniture. The furniture they created then was recognised as Classics of Industrial Design. Some of the world-renowned designers of the time such as Alexander Girard, Isamu Noguchi, Robert Propst, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick have collaborated with Herman Miller and come up with exemplary designs that still hold quite a big value today.  

Herman Miller has a unique perspective on design. They place great importance on design, the environment, the health and well-being of customers and community service. 


Okamura - “Where People Can Thrive”

A Japanese-based company founded in 1945 started manufacturing steel desks and chairs. Today, They are a multinational brand and are considered the biggest furniture company in Japan. 

From concept to completion, Okamura furniture is full of a creative spirit. The focus is to evolve and create happier environments. 

A unique thing about Okamura is that they have a dedicated approach to SDGs. The work that they deal with is always in line with reducing the burden on the global environment.

Pelican Essentials 

Pelican Essentials is an internet-first furniture brand based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The company is rooted in its core values of Customer Obsession, Doing it Differently, Ownership Mindset and Win Together. Pelican Essentials was founded by three IITians who wanted to bring a fresh outlook to the furniture Industry. Pelican believes that great style should be easy to come by. That's why it offers a wide range of well-made, long-lasting furniture that is both stylish and affordable. Brand specializes in Modular Sofa Sets, Sectional Sofas and many more. A few factors of Pelican that stand out from the convention are their Open pricing system and easy-to-assemble parts. An open pricing system provides details on how and to whom your sum spent on a product is distributed. This lets a customer have a better understanding of the pricing. A novel perspective on Furniture buying - That’s what Pelican Essentials is all about!  

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