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Article: Do's And Don'ts Of Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Do's And Don'ts Of Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Do's And Don'ts Of Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Living room - A focal point of every house, is a space where family members gather to communicate and spend time with each other, a space to extend hospitality, and a generally cozy area for leisure activities or to simply idle away time. 

Furniture is an indispensable aspect of a cozy living room. Not just any random ones, but furniture that integrates and adapts to the structure and family settings. More like Modular sofa sets, if you are keen on keeping up with the trends. Furniture possesses the capacity to control and determine the usage of space. The arrangement of furniture in the living room is largely influenced by the preferences and functionality of different users. Apart from that, seasonality and physiographic factors play a key role in furniture arrangement. And, irrespective of all these factors, as far as an Indian family is concerned, with the deep-lying traditional diversities we pride ourselves on, furniture arrangements could be based on particular family settings. However, trends signify an alternative approach taken by modern families, where they base the living room and its furnishings on distinct themes of their preference. To put it in simple terms, there are many reasons for a family to base their furniture arrangements. But despite the reasons, here are a few ways to achieve optimum hygge. 

Do’s Of Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement:

Choose your layout

It depends on the shape and functionality of the room. A few common layouts you could choose from are symmetrical, floating and L-shaped.

Pick a focal point/Statement piece 

  • Could be a window-with-a-view, a built-in fireplace, or simply a sleek chair. 

Television stands/Cabinets Placement

  • Place it away from a window
  • Use dark shades to hamper the effect of too much light.  
  • Keep it at eye level 

Use Small-scale furniture

  • Select a unique and theme-centric furniture set to occupy corner/empty spaces. 

Assess traffic flow

  • Be considerate of how much movement happens through the region. 
  • Should try to achieve clutter-free mobility. 

Last but not least, Let there be light! 

  • Use multi-dimensional lights
  • Carefully design your ceiling lights. 

Don'ts of Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement: 

Line up against the wall

  • Furniture pushed against the wall will cause damage to the wall paint. 
  • Moving furniture a few inches away from the walls gives the impression that the room is deeper and larger.

Overestimate the space

  • Keep placeholders and see how much space the furniture occupies. 

Use monotonous arrangement

  • Furniture of the same type, colour and design are a drag, causing an overall dullness to the eyes. 
  • Use different sizes of cushion 
  • Add a throw (A light cloth cover for furnitures)

Overdo with fabrics and colours

  • Try to achieve a balance between accessories. 

Keep furniture at arm’s length

  • Creates an uncomfortable conversation space. 

Too many/ too few use of furniture

  • A key attribute of coziness is space utilization. 
  • Try to achieve a balance of usage
  • Clutter-free movement is an absolute necessity. 

Position a furniture with its back facing the entrance hall

  • This would result in a security lapse.
  • Always try to place furniture at an angle that gives primary vision to the inhabitants.  


These guidelines serve as a road map to assist you in designing an attractive environment. If you want to make sure your living room looks great, then choose Pelican. We at Pelican attempt to provide you with classic, modern furniture online that suits your preferences. From custom furniture to sectional sofa designs. Check out our online store to know more.

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