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Article: Want to Decorate Your Home with Luxury Furniture in India?

Want to Decorate Your Home with Luxury Furniture in India?
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Want to Decorate Your Home with Luxury Furniture in India?

When you picture an Au fait house, you always see furniture appear sleek and in vogue. There are numerous experiments you could do with indoor furniture, ranging from drawing room sofas to dining room tables to study room chairs to kitchen furniture.  In today's sophisticated world, furniture is incredibly significant. Furniture is no longer merely a domestic item as it once was. As of late, numerous residences have adopted it as a stylistic signature. There is no question that furniture plays a significant role in interior design. When purchasing furniture, customers of today prioritize design. Function and materials, which are crucial aspects, have lost their importance to them. But in order to make a worthwhile buy, they must consider both quality and design. There shouldn't be any compromising on the furniture's quality. This is what Pelican Essentials aspires to hope to create: quality furniture that is crème de la crème.

Listed below are five avant-garde pieces of furniture by Pelican Essentials that promise to elevate the aesthetics of your home without compromising quality. This selection of opulent furniture is unquestionably the best among the luxury furniture in India.

Palo Sofa

Made with 100% recyclable materials, this sofa is the zenith of grandeur. The beautiful robust frames and legs are made with cold-rolled steel with a flawless finish. When it comes to cushions, we made sure to use the best in the market to deliver you the experience of luxury. While the seat cushions are expertly manufactured with Polyurethane foam, the back cushion is carefully crafted with 100% polyester fibers. Made with premium fabric cover sets this classic sofa is a must for a chic, opulent image for your home. Needless to say, Palo Sofa is nothing short of the best sofa set for living room.

Serenity Dining Table 

A home is always perceived as a dream and comes with a chariot of sentimental baggage. The importance of prominent furniture items in calling attention to a space cannot be overstated. One of these options would be the tables you utilize as décor accents. Fortunately, Pelican Essential's extensive collection of timeless, luxe tables is your savior for enriching the allure of your home. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest collections of luxury furniture in India. Made from real natural white oak veneer with a real birch base, this is a table Inspired by modern Scandinavian designs. The lack of any apparent support is a fascinating yet practical characteristic of our minimalist dining tables. Alternatively, to give the table a rock-solid relatability, it incorporates pioneering and revolutionary steel stiffeners that are flush with the bottom surface. Used as a basis is Baltic birch ply, a material that has stood the test of time because of its sturdiness and strength. With a premium birch veneer on the surface, we use solid birch plywood. The table is nothing but truly best dining table set.

Dining Chair - Solid Teak Wood

Choosing the type of chairs you want to use is one of the most crucial and challenging aspects of designing your living area. A chair, which is both basic and utilitarian, can be employed as a striking piece of home décor. Pelican Essential's chair expertly blends fantastic elegance with sturdy construction to give you just that. Inspired by a classic mid-century contemporary design, Pelican Essential's chair beautifully blends great style with sturdy construction. The dining area will benefit from the sleek, angular shape's meticulous design to provide some additional intrigue. To guarantee that our chairs are beautiful and durable we use selected teak wood lumber seasoned at 6%-10% moisture culminating in a solid, exquisite teak tabletop.

Be it home furniture online or or even custom furniture, Pelican Essentials is your answer.  From modular sofa sets to sectional sofas, we have a rich selection of furniture that has the distinct touch of luxury infused within to bring to you and your home the most pristine and durable furniture. It goes without saying that Pelican Essentials is the pinnacle of the best modular furniture in India.

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