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Palo Sofa | Chair (3.5 feet) | Removable Fabrics

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Color:Abalone Grey

Replaceable & washable fabrics (only for fabric material; leather is not washable) | 15-day no questions asked returns | 3 years warranty 

Transparent pricing

We publish what it costs us to make every one of our products. There are a lot of costs we can't neatly account for - like design, R&D, testing, rent on office and unit - but we believe you deserve to know what goes into making the products you love.

Palo Sofa 1 Seater Flat Fabric
Material Dhs. 441
Labour Dhs. 147
Taxes Dhs. 105
Logistics Dhs. 201
Overheads Dhs. 139

Assembly, Seating & Proportions


With over 3000+ happy customers, Palo embodies perfected craftsmanship over time

Unmatched Craftsmanship & Aesthetics with Palo

The Palo sofa boasts a contemporary design with timeless proportions, ensuring its appeal endures. Its replaceable fabric demands meticulous craftsmanship, achieved only by select artisans who perfect each stitch down to the millimeter.

A proud sustainable couch in a use & throw world

India's sturdiest frame meets replaceable fabrics & parts

Every aspect of our furniture emphasizes durability, from the meticulously crafted steel frame to the robust galvanized steel latches.

The Palo sofa showcases a durable frame complemented by replaceable fabrics and parts, ensuring its longevity and timeless appeal.

No tools required assembly

Ships fast and free - stairs & lift friendly delivery

No more waiting for weeks for your furniture to slowly arrive from a distribution center or paying hefty freight charges. Every order from Pelican comes with speedy, complimentary shipping in convenient, lightweight boxes. Additionally, lifts and stairs are no longer a challenge!

Palo Sofa, In Real Life

See how real people style their Palo.

Palo 2.5 seater - Sage green

Palo L , tufted - Abalone

Palo L - Umber brown

Palo L - sage green

Palo 3+, tufted - Spruce blue

Palo L, tufted - Spruce blue

Palo L - Ocean blue

Palo 3+ - Abalone

Palo L, Stone grey

Palo L, tufted - Cyan blue

Palo L - Ivory

Palo 2.5 - Sage green

Palo L - Ivory

Palo 1 - Sage green

Palo 2.5 - Abalone

Palo 2.5, tufted - Ivory

Palo 2.5, tufted - Grey

Palo 2.5 - Grey

Palo 3+ - Ivory

Palo 2.5 - Ivory

Palo L, tufted - Abalone

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